CIVICUS Monitor Alert – Morocco: Civil Society Condemns Arrests of Peaceful Protests

There are grave concerns over recent arbitrary arrests of peaceful protesters in the North of Morocco. 127 protesters have been detained in the wake of the brutal crackdowns, under the accusation of undermining state security and committing criminal acts. Since the 26 May 2017, 83 peaceful protesters have been prosecuted, 32 of which have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from 2 to 18 months on the grounds that they have attacked official personnel, rioting and protesting without official permission.

Even bloggers have been arrested and detained for covering the protests and the brutal police response to protesters online. Not only have they been detained most have been denied access to lawyers and family members. Some have even stated that they have been physically assaulted and tortured. According to Nidal Azhary (President of the Morocco-based Free Feminist Union) the arrests and detention of peaceful protesters not only goes against Morocco’s international human rights commitments but the 2011 constitution that recognises the right to peaceful assembly and expression too.

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