Become an Africa Hub Regional Connector!

Become an Africa Hub Regional Connector!

Expression of Interest Request for Regional Connectors

Deadline: September 22nd 2017
Contact: africa@innovationforchange.net, @rose

Innovation for Change – Africa Objectives:

Civil society around the world is under significant and growing pressure as restricted freedoms, including those on funding, barriers to registration, interventions on how and where to operate, funding limitations, and open political harassment, have become the norm. This internal and external pressure is leading to dwindling space for civic engagement as well as a shrinking role for civil society in advocacy. The existence, survival and sustainability of many civil society organizations (CSOs) now depends on innovative responses that allow for inventive options to scale up and continue the critical work they are currently undertaking. Innovation for Change – Africa’s main goal is to protect, respect, strengthen, expand and recover civil society space.

More specifically, the Africa Hub objectives include:

  1. Developing and sustaining an interactive and easy to use online resource centre essential to the campaign for the opening and maintaining of civil society space.
  2. Providing rapid support and legal analysis of regulations, administrative decisions and referrals for individuals or organizations in Africa.
  3. Improving the ability of civil society to mobilize and provide solidarity to countries or individuals affected by closing civic space
  4. Facilitating and coordinating alliance-building among networks and relevant organizations across Africa and beyond.
  5. Growing and sustaining the Hub’s position as a continental platform for protecting and expanding civic space in Africa.

Description of Regional Connectors Activities:

Innovation for Change, Africa Hub invites interested organizations that have a regional focus to submit an Expression of Interest statement to partner with Innovation for change Africa Hub in the implementation of it’s sub-regional activities for supporting Civic Space. It is anticipated that Africa Hub will select implementing partners from the following locations:

  • Eastern Africa
  • Central Africa
  • Northern Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • West Africa

Each selected local Implementing Partner organization will play a key role in supporting the Regional Hub implement programs that provide support to the network development as well as drive innovation, new practices and learning.

Specifically, the selected organization will:

    • Provide technical input into Africa Hub activities to ensure that they are relevant and culturally appropriate; and, to ensure and strengthen engagement with the local civil society organizations, marginalized groups, youth and tech organizations
    • Support the visibility of the Africa Hub across the region, through mapping of civil society organizations and enabling them to become part of the Innovation for Change Platform
    • Provide management, organizational and logistical support to local, regional and continent-wide training and networking events, including supporting participant identification and logistics, identifying and managing the venue, and developing and managing the conference programs.
    • Collect data and research information through consultation with various Africa Hub consultants
    • Provide support to Africa Hub monitoring and evaluation activities within the sub-region, including data tracking and management.

Innovation for Change Africa Hub will provide awards to support associated costs for the implementation of the Hub Activities. Africa Hub intends to renew the grants for up to 4 years if the partnerships prove effective.

Evaluation Criteria:

Applications will be evaluated with the following criteria:

      1. Experience in engaging and supporting civil society organizations;
      2. Networking and alliance-building experience among the public, private, and civil society sectors;
      3. Experience in promoting Human Rights, Transparency, or Governance thematic areas;
      4. Ability to successfully manage a wide range of complex activities including Research, M& E, and high profile, and large-scale conferences;
      5. Have the language capacity IN English, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Swahili preferred
      6. Expressed commitment to long-term engagement with Innovation for Change, Africa Hub.

Submission Guidelines:

Please click the following link to submit your complete Expression of Interest form no later than September 22nd 2017. Questions regarding this Expression of Interest request can also be sent to this email address for response.


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