Envisioning a new world at Nairobi Innovation Week 2019!

Envisioning a new world at Nairobi Innovation Week 2019!

 In conjunction with the East African Civil Society Organisations’ Forum (EACSOF), Hub Afrique’s Regional Connector/RC for East Africa, and the Finnish civil society organization (Fingo), Hub Afrique co-hosted a side-event at the Nairobi Innovation Week (NIW) 2019.

Held on the 12th of June, the side events were comprised of three co-creation workshops:
1) Youth Digital Innovation Showcase,
2) Digitalization in the Fight against Corruption; and
3) The Use of Digital Innovation to promote the Right to Health for People with Disabilities.
The afternoon session was comprised of a series of talks related to contextual design, use of market-based models and emerging technologies to facilitate social change, amongst others.

Cecily Rawlinson, from Civicus, facilitated the panel discussion on the Power of Digital and Innovation in Social Change and Civil Society, of which one of the We-Account SIC 2018 winners, SEMA, represented by Nathalie Dijkman, participated in.

The Innovation Week was held between 10th-14th June 2019; and had as many as a thousand  participants.  Many were from universities and startups, mainly from Kenya. The focus of the week long event was innovation, modern solutions and new partnerships between the private sector, universities and other stakeholders, such as NGOs, to solve the developmental problems that have an impact on the lives of the people in the region.

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This year, civil society actors were encouraged to participate in learning and sharing innovations from the sector. Innovation and technology have both played a role in improving economic and social development in many resource-poor areas. However, despite all the promising innovations and creativity in various sectors, including health, there are still people, particularly those situated in remote areas who still need access to even their most basic rights and services. In many countries across the world, civic space is shrinking, and people are facing new challenges to participate.

The side-event, as part of Nairobi Innovation Week 2019, addressed some of the above issues through inspirational experts talks and co-creation workshops. The day was targeted to local and international activists and innovators, civil society organizations, academia and those in the private sector working on digital services.

Selected Tweets from #NIW attendees

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