Moving from Incubation to a Fully Functioning Hub Afrique

On November 9, 2017, Innovation for Change, Hub Afrique announced the launching of the hub and the selection of 7 Board members for the year 2018-2020 ending a three year incubation phase.
The new members have a range of backgrounds in philanthropy, advocacy, networking, Board committees, and management and will use their experiences and knowledge to help guide the Vision of I4C Africa Hub. The Innovation Afrique moved from an interim board in which the incubation team ensured the implementation of the first services of the hub to a full functioning board that represents the Africa five sub regions, youth and marginalized populations.

As Africa Hub gets geared towards sharpening it’s focus on improving the state of civil society in Africa we welcome the addition of these seven outstanding new board members. Their experience and expertise will propel the Hub forward towards empowering civil society defend it’s civic space.

  1. Youth RespresentativeDjeinaba Toure, Mauritania, “I promise!”
  2. Social Inclusion RepresentativeIrene Diato Esambo, Congo, CEHAJ
  3. Southern Africa RepresentativeSibusiso Nhalabatsi, Botswana, T.R. Maseko Advocates
  4. East Africa RepresentativeJennifer Aciko, Uganda, Pan Africa Human Rights Defenders
  5. Central Africa RepresentativeJimm Chick Fomunjong, Cameroon, O.D. Consultant
  6. West Africa RepresentativeCaroline Usikpedo-Omoniye, Nigeria, Niger Delta Women’s Movement for Peace & Development
  7. North Africa RepresentativeAhmed Allouch, Tunisia, Youth Without Borders
What is the Hub Afrique Launch?

Innovation for Change launched Hub Afrique at the periphery of the CampaignCon meeting. Started in 2015, the Innovation for Change (I4C) project is a global network of, on-line hubs and regional centers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. These shared working spaces – both physical and virtual – are places where people and organizations can connect and exchange ideas, debate the challenges of today and create solutions that will help shape tomorrow’s civil society. To strengthen collaborative action under I4C among organizations across Africa, Hub Afrique serves as a mechanisms to support civil society networking at a regional level.

More than 30 organizations/participants attended the launch, which focused on closing civic spaces and the activities being supported by Hub Afrique. Interim Board Members were also given Honorarium Citations during the launch for their three years of Service.

As a step to institutionalize the network development, Hub Afrique ensured one day of training using the Network Development Tree focusing on how to commit and engage with your network.