Innovation Lab: Demo Jam Winners to take Part in Co-Design Sessions

Four out of eight candidates emerged winners after a week-long
voting period on social media. 
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The Africa Innovation Festival, Demo Jam winners, will participate in a three-day Innovation Lab from 7 February 2022.

I4C Africa Hub held its first Africa Innovation Festival over 3 weeks from November to December 2021 around the themes of accountability, transparency, and natural resource management.

Four out of eight candidates were selected as winners. The candidates got an opportunity to present an idea in a short 5-minute demo around the three themes and will receive a grant of USD 1,000 to scale up their efforts.

The demo jam winners are Noble Missions for Change Initiative from Nigeria, Justice for Widows and Orphans from Zambia, Population and Development Initiative from Tanzania, and Netpap Global from Kenya.

To harness the creative and innovative capability of the winners, the I4C Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Hub has partnered with I4C Africa Hub to assist them in undergoing a complete design-thinking framework with tools sessions.

The co-creation exercise will help the winners solve complex challenges, develop innovative solutions, and assimilate them into existing realities.