The Resilient Roots initiative, coordinated by CIVICUS, in collaboration with Keystone Accountability and Accountable Now, is looking for a one partner in Latin America and one in Francophone Africa. Regional partners will support the implementation of accountability pilot projects in French and Spanish, and work as regional liaisons with the […]

Recognizing the critical importance of Goal 16 in the 2030 Agenda and the ambition for Nigeria achieving her national development priorities, it becomes imperative to call a grass-root stakeholders forum that provide civil society and government with awareness and guidance of engagement at either international, national or state levels on […]

To strengthen collaborative action under Innovation for Change among organizations across Africa working on human rights and transparency & accountability, CIVICUS, (World Alliance for Citizen Participation), together with Counterpart International, is establishing an innovative mechanisms to support civil society networking at a regional level. One of the mechanisms is the […]

Participate via twitter in a Regional Learning Workshop and Study Tour on Social Accountability in West Africa from the 20-21 February, 2017, 9am-5pm GMT daily!!!

The broad aim of this conference is to kick-start the process of serious consideration of critical questions occupying the civil society-philanthropy interface such as; how can civil society organisations promote a culture of giving? Do charitable acts give a boost or enervate the civic impulse? How and under what conditions do agents traverse the civic and philanthropic terrains, and what forms of collaborations are possible between the two? What, in a deliberate amplification of the canvas, are the proper limits of collaboration between the state and charities, and who gets to draw them? How have the histories of civil society and philanthropic organisations been entangled in Africa, and what are the possibilities for the transformation of the nongovernmental space on the continent?

WE-Engage is a continent-wide influence mapping and analysis of civil society organizations and activities, which will be implemented with greater focus around specific themes with relevant activities as part of the research. To begin, WE-Engage will focus on transparency and accountability and human rights to test how the model works. […]